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Welcome to Adivasi Development Inititiative
    • Fund Raising

      There are times when one wants to contribute to a cause, but the hard part is choosing a good avenue to do so. Please read on to see if you would like to support Adi. Adivasi Development Initiative (ADI) is an organisation working with the tribal population in Chhattisgarh and runs community programs on health and education in remote and quaintly named locations like Halbaras, Nakulnar and Dantewada. This region is known more for Naxal activities, while the breathtaking natural beauty remain inaccessible.

      The difference is in the opportunity

      We have been fortunate enough to get the education and the opportunities to earn well (and the rewards of waking up to the noise of traffic!). The volunteers behind Adi want to bring the same opportunities to tribal communities living in the heart of land-locked India. Adi made a small beginning over 10 years ago, and since then has grown to run a permanent (though informal) school and medical facilities in Bastar. Their work is focused on some key outcomes to provide education to the kids and to support improvement in their general health in an area where malnutrition is endemic and people show sings of old age in their 30s and 40s. From life changing visits to the city and seeing a train for the first time, older boys and girls now learn skills such as driving, laboratory techniques for testing used in the medical facilities, use of computers and data entry, communication and leadership skills. Clearly, given the opportunity these tribals are no different from city students!

       Where does the money go?

    • Adi runs a program for medical facilities, testing for sickle cell anaemia which is endemic and projects to fight malnutrition. And all this is done at one-fourth the cost of the same tests at a far away government hospital or control of malnutrition programs run by the government. The organisation also employs locals as drivers, assistants in the lab and in administrative jobs. The monthly expenses including salaries and consumables are about Rs. 90,000 at present. For monthly expenses, annual budget see the website.
      Do consider supporting Adi. ADI is registered as an NGO under Societies Registration Act in Maharashtra. Contributions to ADI are duly acknowledged and qualify for exemptions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. If you would like a longer term commitment, want to visit Adi on site or even work as a volunteer do let us know.

       Our projects are spread over large areas and fairly large number of individuals are involved. Activities go on round the year. All these require generous funds. Funds are generated through donations from Corporate bodies and private entrepreneurs. Smaller amounts are also contributed by individuals; a large number of these individual contributions make significant amounts.
      Funds are also generated through activities like Exhibition and Sale of artifacts, clothing and Kosa Silk produced by the Tribals. Such Exhibitions serve a dual purpose: They showcase the Tribal art and help the Sale of tribal products which directly benefit the individual tribals. Proceeds from Exhibitions also provide funds for projects run by our organization.
      We welcome both one-time contributions and recurring monthly commitments. To contribute directly to Adi