Welcome to our organization

ADI - Adivasi Development Inititiative is an NGO serving the tribals of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, and also Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh states in Central India. The core group of ADI, based at Halbaras in Dantewada district, Bastar region, is working for the last ten years in Chhattisgarh state. The group is engaged in eradication of malnutrition, sickle cell testing and rehabilitation of tribals. These programmes are of national importance. The group also contributes to government programmes with outreach to scores of remote villages. During a span of seven years the group has tested more than 30,000 people for sickle cell disease. This was facilitated by training the local workers to collect and examine blood samples under the guidance of experts.
Both malnutrition and sicke cell thrive among aboriginals as a result of illiteracy and blind faith. A few students are educated in “Gurukul” style along with normal education to come up as able strong citizens of our country who may take charge of the area at a later date. These students tour widely and are exposed to other areas as part of their education. Even computer training is given to the students to be abreast of latest knowledge.
Formation of ADI is a continuation of more than ten years of work done by us in Bastar area under the aegis of Bharatiya Kushtha Niwarak Sangh. Till four years back, eradication of malnutrition was centre stage. With addition of sickle cell detection laboratory, the reach and expanse of work has multiplied.
In consultation with and cooperation of the local community, the core group has extended activities and services, as mentioned above, in Paulzola and the hinterland of Chichgad Taluka, in Eastern Maharashtra. A beginning has already been made starting from April 2008. At present sickle cell testing and survey of the diseases among the local people is going on.
In order to carry out effective and regular activities it is essential to set up a local centre. Towards this objective ADI is ready to establish an Ashram at Paulzola. The Ashram shall provide for laboratory training school and other essential facilities to carry out welfare programmes for the tribals.